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Crutches Let's Twist Again, Par

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Let's Twist Again is a light and ergonomic crutch with an attractive design. It has adjustable length (80-100 cm), an ergonomic rubber handle for a firm grip, and is made of aluminum for light weight (0.54 kg).

Color: Black
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Let's Twist Again - Ergonomic Crutch with Award-Winning Design

Innovative details to your advantage
Let's Twist Again is no ordinary support, it's a crutch that has redefined what we expect of its kind. With a perfect balance between structure and style, it stands out as a light, yet robust, companion for those who need extra support in movement. This makes it the perfect choice for both the young enthusiast and the older veteran.

Award-winning design
With its unique and attractive design, this crutch has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. An award that proves that function and design can exist hand in hand. You thus get a product that not only does its job, but also looks good in the process.

Why sink when you can float?
This crutch is created from aluminum, which means it is easier to carry around than most similar products on the market. With a weight of only 0.54 kg, this crutch makes your reliable companion without exhausting you.

User-centered design
Let's Twist Again is not only designed to be attractive, but also to be easy to use and adjustable to suit your specific needs. The length of the crutch can be adjusted between 80-100 cm, which gives it an adaptive advantage that not many other products can match. In addition, it has an ergonomic rubber handle that gives you a firm grip you can rely on.

Durable and safe
The crutch is constructed with a durable, grippy footrest that keeps you safe and stable on all types of surfaces. It creates an extra carefree experience and promotes independence and freedom.

Product specifications
Weight 0.54 kg
Height Adjustable between 80 and 100 cm
Material Aluminum
Shipping and delivery

Simply order online and have the item delivered to your nearest PostNord representative.

Svarta kryckor med armstöd och handtag

Crutches Let's Twist Again, Par

Regular price 795 SEK
Regular price Sale price 795 SEK

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