Smart charger 6A City, Elite, Scooty

Smart charger 6A City, Elite, Scooty

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Simply charge in the wall socket!
Smart charger at 24 volts, 6A for City, Elite and Scooty models. The charger switches off after full charge, which means that the batteries are not at risk of overcharging. Built-in charging status indicator light.
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Smartcharge yourwalking scooterwith safety and convenience
By combining technology and design, we have created a Smart Charger that offers a simple and efficient way to make battery charging a breeze. Just plug it into a regular wall outlet and watch the magic happen. Suitable for the City, Elite and Scooty models, this smart charger of 24 volts and 6A provides a fast, safe and reliable charge.

Intelligent function for full charging
We understand the importance of protecting your battery from overcharging. That's why our Smart Charger is designed with an innovative function that automatically switches off charging when the battery is full. This not only means a longer life for your batteries, but also a more energy-efficient charging.

Clear charging indication
No more guessing if your scooter is ready to roll. The Smart Charger's built-in charging status indicator light allows for clear and immediate feedback, so you know exactly when your scooter is ready for adventure again.

Product specifications
Voltage 24 volts
Current 6A
Compatibility Fits City, Elite and Scooty walking scooters
Security features Automatic shutdown when fully charged
Additional functions Charging status indicator light
Shipping and delivery

Simply order online and have the product delivered to your nearest DHL representative or to your home address. Eloped promises fast deliveries directly from its own warehouse in Malmö.

Smart charger 6A City, Elite, Scooty

Smart charger 6A City, Elite, Scooty

Regular price 1 500 SEK
Regular price Sale price 1 500 SEK

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